"I contacted Catherine when suffering from depression,anxiety and self-doubt. With her help, I have gone through a valuable journey and now feel much more at peace and secure in myself. I am now back on my feet and can walk confidently again."

"I was a patient of Catherine's for 18 months; during this time, I was able to work through my reaction to deep-rooted issues that were impacting negatively on my work and home life. Catherine provides a welcoming and safe place to explore these feelings and she has enabled me to deal with difficult situations in a productive way. I would highly recommend her for people with long-term anxiety and depression."

"My time with Catherine was the best investment that I have made and probably will ever make. She has helped me to find an emotional strength I did not know I had. Her care and time has not only got me through a hard period but has given me the ability to deal with things in the future. I will always be grateful to her."